I just ate so much Chinese food that now I’m able to use algorithms based on linear algebra to solve large numerical systems.

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Home Alone teaches us that a child can’t pack a suitcase but can create a fully functional flame thrower to harm a small New Jersey man.


Of course Bruce Willis is going to keep playing the same movie roles. You know what they say about old habits…..




9: How old was I when I was 3?
me *grabs hammer* *smashes college fund jar*


You can learn a lot about your kids by simply turning off the TV and talking. For example I discovered that mine are really boring.


I hope Kim and Kanye surprise everyone and name this next kid something like Bill or Jen


Her: Is breakfast almost ready?
Me: Yeah, I just have to drain the sausage.
Her: Can’t we please wait till after breakfast for that?


Him: *looking at 6 empty paper towel rolls, maple syrup, spoons, and a tennis racket on the floor*

What happened?!

Me: There was a spider.


[During lull in conversation at party]
ME: Do you think you’re closer to your own birth or your own death? Let’s go around the room.