I just swallowed a little hair color. I think I’m going to dye.

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If cauliflower can be pizza and zucchini can be noodles then you too can be anything you want.


Marty McFly had horrible parents. Sure teenage son, hang around with the weirdo scientist who lives alone and drives a windowless truck.


#rudolph > .nose {
background: red;
border-radius: 50%;
@include shiny;


him: *walking into the kitchen* don’t you feel guilty eating Nutella right out of the jar?

me: *licking the spoon* only if I can’t finish the jar


I booked a suite at a 5 star hotel and when my girlfriend arrived,on the bed spelled out in rose petals was “be right out,I’m taking a shit”


*makes snow angel motions in bed every morning tryna find phone*


The Carpenters: Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
Me: Those aren’t birds. They’re giant blood sucking mosquitos.


i love nature 🙂 sittin in grass, soakin up sun, listenin to all those weird ringtones that come from those animals in the trees or whatever