I keep a list of all the people who get on my nerves so I know who’s getting the glittery Christmas cards.

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The early bird catches the worm. And the late bird catches one of the other trillion worms left. What’s your point?


What I’ve learned from Twitter:

1. Men are pervs
2. Women are pervs
3. Cats are pervs


I loved Prince, and in my opinion, Michael Jackson was pale in comparison.


My husband is doing that cute thing where he would happily drive into oncoming traffic & kill us all while trying to find a bug on his leg.


if you hold a crab up to your ear you can hear what it’s like to get attacked by a crab


Zeus was the Greek god of kings & storms. His cousin Kazeus was the god of unpopular wind instruments.


Coworker: can I talk to you about your Twitter

Me, hand on the fire alarm:

Coworker: I think you’re funny

Me, removing hand from fire alarm: yes


Sorry for loudly singing “Whoomp there it is!” when you took your pants off. It’s been a while.