i married for love

but the obvious side benefit of having someone around to find my glasses cannot be ignored

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the guy who came up with the name “eggnog” should get to name more things


Therapist: what’s upsetting you?

Wife: he’s always using common phrases incorrectly

Me: cry me a table, Linda


Nah mate, when the Americans talk about football they mean that silly game where the fat men dress up as Transformers


I was going to pay the taxi driver with my leftovers from lunch but that wouldn’t be fare to him


They say children are our future, but when the wifi went out and my son didn’t know how to turn off a lamp, I’m not so sure about this.


Hear me out.

The first parent to school pick-up gets to pick the best kid. The well behaved one without the snotty nose.

The last parent to pick-up gets the feral child.

It’s a system I think would work.


As kids we used to chant “my mother and your mother were hanging up clothes, my mother punched your mother right in the nose” and apparently just accepted that moms were prone to sudden, random violence


Hangs a sign on front door that says “Robbery in progress – Please do not disturb” to deter burglars


Me, to all my kids before the age of 2.

“No screens allowed.”

On their 2nd birthday, handing over iPad.

“This is your mother now.”