I only watch French tv shows so my dogs think I’m more cultured than I actually am.

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Used shampoo instead of shower gel and now my body has up to 70% more body.


Hey, Sean Bean, it’s either Shaun Baun or Seen Been. You can’t have it both ways.


[1st date]
ME: We should totally go Dutch.
HIM: I wasn’t raised that way.
ME: *sadly looking at my wooden shoes* Okay.


Sometimes I’ll flush a few slices of pizza down the toilet just to let the Ninja Turtles know I miss them


Handsome Stranger: Excuse me, but you’re..

Me: Gorgeous & you’ve been mustering up the courage to speak to me?

HS: ..blocking the pickles.


[meeting at the headquarters of literally any app]
good morning everyone, let’s get started. the first and only item on our agenda is, how do we make this app worse


You don’t see enough ditches these days. If I want to pass out in a ditch I have to google “ditches near me” and look for one with good reviews and it’s a whole thing


My wife’s story about her day had 18 sub plots, two false finishes, buried the lead and introduced a new character in the third act.