I put my height in my tinder bio and 6 men unmatched with me…..i’m gonna break into y’alls houses and put all the remotes on top of the fridge

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My boyfriend is taking me to a Spanish restaurant for dinner, I’m kind of scared, I don’t speak Spanish, how will I know not to order dog


A new study shows body-image issues start as young as 3. How awful. That means 2-year-olds with gross bodies think they look okay.


Relationship status:

-Applies sunscreen to wall.
-Rubs back on wall.


*my cat meowing at my bedroom door for me to open it*

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

ME: *opens door*
You wanna come in?

CAT: lol, no


*watching any crime show*

He didn’t do it. There’s too much time left.


WHY *smack* DON’T *smack* YOU *smack* JUST *smack* USE *smack* THE *smack* RETWEET *smack* BUTTON?


HER: I have something I want to tell u
ME: me too
HER: *smiles coyly* same time?
ME: sure
HER: 1,2,3 I LOVE YO-


I just watched one kid call his twin brother ugly and now I’m just waiting for him to realize what that means