I think comic book bad guys have the right idea, aiming their weapons directly at Captain America’s shield. That’s probably his weak point.

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The worst is when you’re on a cruise ship that turns into an Autobot to fight a sea monster and you had a decent game of shuffleboard going


Rips off my shirt to reveal an S on my chest that’s actually remnants of last nights spaghettiO’s


Sorry Im late, I saw that Spongebob episode where he’s a lifeguard but cant swim, even though they live underwater & now my brain is leaking


ARTICLE: How, at the age of just 22 did this man…

ME: Is it rich parents?

ARTICLE: … Yeah.


There is nothing sexier than when she locks eyes with me as she finishes…

..Frying the bacon


[inside washing machine]

duvet cover: climb in my brothers

every single piece of clothing: we shall build a new life in the big sock


people in fantasy novels absolutely love removing from their knapsack some bread and hard cheese


Award for the best actress goes to my 7YO for her performance as a starving deprived child right before bedtime