I told my husband I would hem his pants. I need some help here, hot glue gun or staples?

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Robber: Give me all your money.Otherwise you are chemistry!
ME: Don’t you mean history?
R: Don’t change the subject!
*Both start laughing


My husband really loves our new couch. In fact, he loves it so much he called me his exwife’s name just so he could sleep on it.


Me: Woohoo, I survived Thanksgiving! I can relax now.

Anxiety: Haha…Christmas.


A robin just had chicks in a nest above our garage. Today, her babies were chirping and she just sat on them, and I’m wondering if I can use this method when my kids keep asking for snacks.


Don’t invite me over unless you are trying to secretly transfer a possessed artifact to me.


i hate it when i eat a slice of bread and it grows into a bread tree in my stomach


Be myself?
You don’t care if I ever get laid again, do you?


In my experience, people who say “I’m not trying to be difficult,” don’t really seem to be trying all that hard.


Barista: “Welcome to Starbucks!”
Me: “Large coffee please.”
B: “It’s venti!”
Me: “Then close all the windows after you get my large coffee.”