I turn hot dog water into ice cubes for house guests I don’t like

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Interviewer: Any questions?

Me: If Bruno Mars had a sex change operation would he change his name to Bruno Venus?


[House Hunters]

*sitting in a blind, in the wilderness, waiting for a house to come*
*chimney slowly appears on the horizon*


When I’m out with my kids and I see an x-boyfriend I like to scare him by saying “Don’t make eye contact with daddy.”


[ten seconds into tv interview where my identity is being protected]
camera guy: don’t try to disguise your own voice, let the machine do it


I just want to be one of those dads who runs on the field & tackles an opposing 6 year old


Why do people draw sunglasses on the sun? It’s like, dude, he’s the sun. They make sunglasses because of him.


Don’t be offended if I speak to you condescendingly. Be happy that I care enough to be sure your simple mind understands what I’m saying.


Apparently, saying “make it a double” followed by an awkward wink doesn’t work at the pharmacy.


In grocery store & guy grabs my hand,starts to walk.I go with him, till he turns & realizes I’m not his wife.We broke it off…Single again