I was left alone for 3 hours and I almost cut my hand off trying to open a banana.

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regardless means without regard

irregardless means the same as regardless except you never had any English classes


Me: *gazes into his eyes*
Him: *sweats*
M *winks*
H: I’m kinda uncomfortable
M: But this is love
H: It’s my job to fill liquor orders, ma’am


[Talking w/Doc]
The wife wants to try period sex
“Seems unsanitary to me”
I dont think u understand-
*wife bursts in wearing medieval armor*


{Father & son fishing}
DAD: Son, I don’t say this nearly enough…
SON: *smiles* Yeah?
DAD: …I used to practice kissing on your Aunt Kim.


A guy saw me giving my dog water and said that he hopes I have a husband with how caring I am to my dog and I had to explain to him that men should be able to drink water on their own



Me: My Lord will protect me

Muggers: Haha, right-

Jesus: [appears wielding dual katanas]


Why haven’t you introduced me to your followers yet? Are you ashamed of me?


put a pic of a girl with perfect abs on my fridge so I’m motivated to suck in my gut every time I pull out the ice cream


I cannot picture a single instance where I’d be scared of a zombie called “Rob”

What’s he gonna do? Show up uninvited to brunch and make us wonder if he’ll be rude to the server again?

Ok fella, maybe you can scare me into buying your over priced insurance policies this time.