I was very concerned with my Grandma today

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HER: sharks can smell blood from miles away

ME: *flossing for the first time in months* lock the door


I wouldn’t say I hate you but I would push you onto a cactus couch.


ME: my bald eagle is very sick, I think he needs to be put down

VET: that’s illegal

ME: yes I said that


I like that the doctor always asks if I’m a smoker. When I say yes, he tells me I should quit.

No shit? Thanks. Here’s all my money.


ME (tousling his hair): You got a girlfriend?
8 YEAR-OLD: Yeah
ME (grabbing him by the collar): How. How did you do it


Doctor: I’m afraid you’ve got chronic updog
Me, embarrassed that I don’t know what the word chronic means: ah well, you win some you lose some


[Dracula giving his son “the talk”]

Dracula: you see when two monsters love each other very much, they-

Dracula’s son: they do the mash

Dracula: *nodding* they do the monster mash


I like in RPGs when you kill a wild animal and it has, like, $5 and a spoon on it for some reason


[buying cucumber and vaseline]
me: got an awesome night planned
clerk: eugh
[later, eating a cucumber and vaseline sandwich]
this is awful


I thought I’d lost my sense of taste for a few awful, spiraling minutes but it turns out I just accidentally put unsalted butter on my toast. My heart rate should return to normal maybe next year.