I went out of town for a few days and came home to my dog who seems to want to have a word with me about it.

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Credit card company called to ask about some charges on my statement.

It wasn’t a fraud check. They were just questioning my life choices.


Letting the grocery bagger bring my groceries out sounds nice but I can’t handle trying to remember where I parked in front of a stranger.


Motherhood is the perfect combination of heart swelling pride and “I didn’t sign up for this.”


You wanna mess with me, pal? You wanna mess with the saddest man in town? I’ve got a whole crew of sad boys just waiting to burst into tears


My wife is all, “we love each other so much we finish each other’s sentences,” until it comes to a prison sentence.


WIFE: Guess what?
ME: What?
WIFE: Guess who said their first words today?
ME: He didn’t!
WIFE: Yes he did
ME: This is amazing, what did the dog say?
WIFE: I was talking about your son
ME: He said a whole sentence?!!


[During sex]

Her: That fan of yours is loud and distracting

Me: It helps me in bed

Fan: *clapping approvingly* Yeah bro WORK THOSE HIPS


I can’t remember a time in my life when an update for Acrobat Reader wasn’t available.


[at Dr. appointment]

Dr.: yeah looks like you have too much acid in your diet.



“Apparently she had slaved over her homemade stuffing. At some point during the meal, her brother-in-law announced, ‘I prefer Stove Top,’ and it was then, from what we understand, that the woman snapped.”
-11pm news, tomorrow night