I will ride you like a helicopter. Totally out of control.

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Pregnancy test that says, “Your cart has 1 item in it”


I failed my audition as Romeo through a misunderstanding over a stage direction. My copy of the script said: ‘Enter Juliet from the rear’


Real Estate Agent: it’s a 3 bed, 2 bath…

Witch: …but?

REA: it’s made out of gingerbread so lots of kids linger around

W: I’ll take it


[Turing Test]
Tester: Let’s start with an easy one, the square root of 29241?
Subject: 171!
Subject: I meant, idk math is hard. lol


Don’t have money for a cab so I keep calling ambulances and telling them I feel better when I’m close to my destination


It’s like my teeth got in trouble in school & aren’t allowed to sit together.


Having standards is important, so having double standards is even better than that because it means you have twice as many standards.


Sincere, like a compliment from a car salesman.


“who can I count on to volunteer for this project?”

*slumps out of chair and slowly army crawls out of conference room*


Ever get the feeling someone is watching you when you sleep? Yeah, sorry about that.