I wish I could get bitten by a radioactive confident person.

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A laugh track, but for every time my boss says “I need this done today.”


cat: i brought you this dead mouse

me: no thanks

cat: then please accept this barf

me: i will not

cat: am i displeasing you?

me: absolutely

cat: [eyes narrow] good


Married With Children is a hilarious sitcom until you’re 35 and realise it’s a chilling documentary.


Before we were married, my wife was like a tiger in the bedroom.

Now she’s more like a possum.
She plays dead whenever a snake approaches.


MAFIA BOSS: Did you take him out?

ME: Yeah we went to watch Black Panther

MAFIA BOSS: wtf I’m asking if he was blown away

ME: Oh definitely, it’s a pretty awesome movie


Thank you to whoever has been keeping Keanu Reeves busy with a laser pointer for the last 10 years.


I never understood why they were called chicken tenders until I let one caress my face.


Wait a minute—if the cat’s in the cradle, then where—

*baby in kitchen, pushing glasses off table while maintaining eye contact



ME: [scared] well?

DOCTOR: ur ok

M: so it was just a dream

D: o no ur body is filled with lizards but ur system is accepting them