“I’d like you to meet my half sister.”

“Different fathers?”

“Shark attack.”

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[blind date]

HER: I am so against vaccines

ME {trying to impress her}: I have polio


Alexa, which cat breeds are the most absorbent?


Wildebeest: 5 cheetahs on the horizon sir

Wildebeest Sergeant: How many men do we have?

Wildebeest: 4,000

Wildebeest Sergeant: RETREAT!


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss… but you won’t miss.

You’ve trained your whole life for this.

Take the shot.

Kill the moon.


Me: omg look how bad they messed up my name at Starbucks, this isn’t even close
lupita nyong’o: that’s my coffee


Poor character written by an author who has experienced poverty: My problem is that I’m $300 short on the rent and now my car is making a noise

Poor character written by a rich author: My problem is that I feel so inferior beside these beautiful, sophisticated rich people


in which a Twitter developer finally discovers Twitter


A spider so big you politely ask it to leave the premises & then sheepishly accept its refusal with all the dignity of a French surrender.