If I don’t introduce you to the person I’m with it’s because I don’t remember either of your names.

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I’ve never seen anyone go through drug withdrawals, but I once hid my son’s iPad for 10 minutes.


Here in the UK
we refer to Jay Z as “Jay Zed”
Ice T as “Ice Ted”
And LL Cool J as “Led Led Cool Jed”


*First guy to make bunk beds
Hey Jim, you wanna sleep on top of me but not like on top, on top


Me: *doesn’t get enough sleep, takes an afternoon nap to make up for it*

My body: well look what you did now we have to stay awake until 3


My coworkers think I’m always busy but I’m really just trying to remember my password.


[Calls Ex-Girlfriend]
Remember all those hair-ties and Bobby pins you lost? Well, I found all 5,000 while moving.


good morning to everyone but especially to the woman in the dunkin donuts who smashed two glazed donuts together and ate them like a sandwich


If someone walks in on you hatching your evil plan, just tell them you were rubbing in some hand moisturizer.


I don’t think it’s rude to ask someone in an online dating site to send a picture posing with a copy of today’s newspaper.