If I was a Disney princess I’d most likely be Tacobelle.

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Anyone who says time flies, has obviously never been on a treadmill.


if youre a healthy young male or female with blood type O, please consider donating a kidney to me. my goal is 22 kidney ‘s


Spanish people feed their horses hay, but the naughty ones get George.


Sleep deprivation- because sometimes you cant afford drugs or alcohol but still want to feel delusional and irrational.


A master’s degree gives you the ability to speak with withering authority about why you didn’t finish your Ph.D.


First woman that gave birth to twins was prolly like “????????”


other 21 year olds: going on dates, bein cool, having fun

me: trying to become friends w/ the birds outside my house by offering them bread


Does anyone else bring a bag of clever disguises to the grocery store in case there’s a wine sampling booth that day?