If video games were truly to blame for violent acts drive by turtle flinging would be at an all time high.

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Group- “Can believe Jesus just turned water into wine?!”

Me- *cutting up lines of table salt* “hey um, Jesus… soo can you do me a favor?”


[marriage counseling]

She thinks I make bad decisions.

“He stole a penguin from the zoo.”



Always the sasquatch in chains in the back of a pick up truck, never the bride.


[interrupts history professor] THAT HAPPENED ON MY BIRTHDAY


My kids, writing negative political ads:

Mommy. She says Maybe but it is always going to be No.

Mommy. She says to eat fruit but she smells of chocolate.

Mommy. She says we don’t say those words but then she watches the news and she says all of them.


If you don’t call your spouse “wonderful” when you’re on a game show, you’re legally required to get a divorce at the end of the show.


Having swords for arms was a terrible first wish but it was a genie and I blurt weird things out when I panic.