“if you could dinner with any scientist, alive or dead, which one would it be?”


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My four year old niece summarizing her day at Safety School “Look both ways or you die”


[First date]
okay just dont let her know you’re a trump supporter

Her: so what kinda wine should I get

Me: haha white is always the best


[first date]

HER: What are you doing with the Tupperware?

ME: [filling container] The sign says ‘All You Can Eat’, it doesn’t specify when


me: what your biggest fear?

date: oh i’m incredibly arachnophobic

me: [under breath] you don’t want spiders to get married?


DETECTIVE: There are signs of a struggle here
[earlier that morning]
ME: *trying to get up for work*


If you see a dentist get shot and hes bleeding out, just casually mention how he needs to floss more so he doesnt bleed out like that


Imagine this: you’re home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly the phone rings and you answer, then someone whispers “Bless you” and hangs up