If you encounter a bear DON’T RUN. Maintain eye contact. Keep maintaining it. Fall in love. Marry the bear. Tell story to your grandbearbies

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Bodyguard Idea:

Clowns. No one will come anywhere near you.


I hope God rethinks his decision to allow an intern to run celebrity deaths in 2016.


Me: Sorry I called out the wrong name just now

Woman: Okay but still, what the hell

Bloody Mary: Oh gross, am I in a ceiling mirror


Good one computer geniuses, you made everything “user friendly” and “intuitive” and now idiots are on the internet commenting on everything.


Slave: I know a way to escape

Hipster slave: My friend Harriet has a better way. You probably haven’t heard of it. It’s really underground.


[College admissions office]

“Sorry sir you can’t transfer your street cred for college credits”

ME: that’s wack


Our “safe place” during a tornado is a bathroom in the center of our house.

Kids in the tub, me sitting on the toilet, my husband and my ex-husband who had stopped by just before the tornado, all crammed into this tiny space.

Ex-husband: I really hope this isn’t the way I go.


“Mommy, why does an old person’s skin look so see-through?”

Aw, honey, it’s just because they are getting ready to be a ghost. Sleep tight.


I only eat free range chicken because I only eat food that was given the illusion of freedom before it was murdered