If you ever think you see Dean Koontz, start chanting koontz-koontz-koontz over and over so if it isn’t him it’ll just look like you’re really into techno and public humiliation.

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Vet: “I can see the head…

…here’s the neck…

…more neck…

…more neck…




…still more neck…


…it’s a giraffe!”


*catwoman struggles into suit*

*catwoman realises she needs to pee*



My husband suffers in silence louder than any person I know


you eat 28 spiders in your lifetime. always 28. if you are about to die and you’ve only eaten 3 then 25 arrive at once


I may not look good naked, but I’m a beautiful person on the insi….

Hahahaha just kidding

I look great naked


When cooking for a date for the first time I use plenty of garlic so we can get the whole “vampire/not a vampire” question out of the way.


• they’re actually working shh this is the process
• haven’t slept in 19 years so this is a power nap
• hoping a bakery will appear
• just fell down a plot hole and horror is setting in
• about to scream
• any second now
• oh here they go


quarantine day 1: filet mignon with bordelaise sauce, charred asparagus and roasted garlic fingering potatoes

quarantine day 5: entire bag of stale marshmallows

quarantine day 7: tequila


Hedgehogs would seem far less adorable if they had more relevant names like ‘Stabbyrabbit’ or ‘Weaponrat’


People that use abbreviations like ppl, wyd, hmu, and idk – what do you do with all that time you saved?