-If you say orange really slowly it sounds like gullible.

Me: pfffffft

*walks around corner*

Me: (whispers) orrrrrrrraaaaannnnngggge

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Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie about a girl who cannot dance at all, but wins a dance competition because her partner has a great mullet


if ur getting chased by a bunch of drunk 90’s kids just yell out “in west Philadelphia born & raised” then u got like 2 min to run


Pizza shop said they loved unusual requests so I asked if they could find my dad.


Rap videos are completely unrealistic. Nobody has that many friends


Sorry you didn’t win Best Picture, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but if Trump wins the election, you can re-submit for “Best Documentary.”


My ambition is to be the last man on earth so that I can find out if all those girls were telling the truth.


When are they going to drug test the audience of “The Price Is Right.”? No one should be that happy.


Is Lent nearly over? I don’t know how much longer I can hold my breath.