If you’re searching for a woman who’s sweet and funny and has her life together then look no further because that one at the table behind me seems like she does.

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My son forgot he needed a new spiral notebook for today & is annoyed I don’t have one like, sorry our house didn’t magically turn into a Staples last night.


pretty cool how no matter what’s going on in the world, a teenager in a Metallica shirt will always look the same no matter what year it is.


I be having a mini heart attack when I almost send a screenshot to the person I screenshoted


Me: I need to see a supervisor

Hat Shop Employee: Excellent choice, Ma’am


I hope Hell freezes over soon. A few women have promised me dates when it happens.


Me: [totally dry monotone voice] I’m gonna get my mojo back

Mojo: still no



DOG SHERIFF: Drop the gun, Scruffy. Be a good boy!

SCRUFFY: I know a little secret *lifts gun* All dogs go to Heaven.


Biden: I wonder if I’ll still get free ice cream when I’m no longer VP

Obama: Joe, we have bigger problems.



Her: You’re perfect as you are, don’t ever change a thing.


Her: Er, that didn’t include your underwear…