I’m trying to get a rotisserie chicken home before it gets cold I don’t have time for suspicious lights in the sky

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[buying shoes for our kids]
her: which do you like better
me: idk probably our daughter


It took years for my gf to get me to put down the toilet seat. Though, I really don’t know why I was carrying it around in the first place.


ME: [practising my samurai sword moves in the mirror]

[ever so slightly later]

ME: [dying from massive blood loss]


[first date]
ME: are you having fun
DATE: yes i am
ME: *hands menu back to waiter* i will also have the fun


I’m glad chocolate bars come with resealable packages, so I can eat half now, and the other half 1 minute from now.


*girl calls me daddy*
*hammer appears in my hand*
“oh no”
*I start building a deck*
“what have you done”
*grill turns itself on*


[ground control to major tom] so like, what time is it in space right now?


[interview for CIA]
Your résumé says you’re a master in hand-to-hand wombat. Is that a typo or-
*I’ve already thrown a wombat at his face*