Imagine a hunter in a deer stand but instead of a gun he has a long stick he pokes the deer with and they look around like “ok who did that”

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Me: Let’s go shopping

Him: Let’s stay home

Me: Let’s talk about our feelings

Him: Let’s go shopping


What idiot called it endangered ocean population instead of deficiency?


So Kylie breaks up with Travis, Travis drops HITR and a week later Kylie drops her hit single “Rhïyse eñ Shìńë” which ultimately kick-starts her music career? Smells like another Kris Jenner masterclass to me idk idk


Seems like Hello Kitty should be a brand of condoms.


Him: (on phone) Why are you single? Me: (watching a movie about a killer tire) I don’t know.


“Good thing I guessed that today was probably a BYOB situation.”

-me, chaperoning the kindergarten field trip


I’m paranoid AND needy: I think people are talking about me, but not as much as I’d like.


HUSBAND: Do you want to
ME: *interrupts* Nope.
HUSBAND: I didn’t say anything yet.
ME: Sorry, go ahead.
HUSBAND: Would you like to go
ME: *interrupts* Nope.