Interviewer : So you’re super fast at math?
Me : Yup
I : Ok, what’s 346×48?
Me : 804
I : That’s not correct
Me : Fast though.

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My dad calls my mom beautiful after 55 years of marriage, but I’m starting to suspect it’s because he forgot her name.


me: someone we know is possessed by an owl

friend: who?

me: [narrows eyes]


Yo. Real shit. Just bcause you went and got your logo printed on some t-shirts, that does NOT mean you have a clothing company. U got shirts


Idea: Like Google Glass, but a necklace or something that projects a website onto the face of the person talking to you.


Sure, we’ve all been through hard times, but even when I waitressed part time during college and ate ramen noodles every night for dinner I still saved my money for important things like Charmin double ply mega rolls.


Don’t call me “honey” and expect it to soften the fact that you SHRUNK the KIDS


Squiggly line squiggly line space
Squiggly line squiggly line space
Squiggly line squiggly line space

~me reading Arabic DM




Celine Dion: all by myself

CDC: good

CD: don’t wanna be, all by myself

CDC: sorry but them’s the rules