Interviewer: what would you say is your biggest weakness?

Me: *high pitched mocking voice* what would you say is your biggest weakness?

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Stop saying I’m my own worst enemy. My worst enemy is Johan, from the stables; I want him dismissed, but he’s curried such favor with father


5: I fell down the stairs five times! Three by accident!

Me: (stares in mom)


me: wanna hear a joke about a guy who questions everything

her: sure

me: why


Interviewer: strengths?

Me: I’m sociable and can pretend to get along with most people….

Interviewer: er, ….. yes ok, right, moving on! Weaknesses?

Me: erm….*thinking furiously*…. bladder??


I photobombed my pal’s passport photo & now they won’t let him through customs unless I’m behind him waving my hands in the air like a putz.


Me: i never know what to say
Friend: just say something nice


Date: hi
Me: 69


I want my remains to be scattered all over the beach when I die.
Also, I don’t want to be cremated.


[band comes out for encore] DO YOU WANNA HEAR ONE MORE


Confession: I’ve said “Can’t wait!” about things I actually could wait for.




yums like Gaston

Eats iced plums like Gaston

Knows you saved them but craves them, succumbs like Gaston