Interviewer: why did you leave your last job?

[flashback to me starting a fight club in the retirement home]

Me: creative differences

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Gun control sounds like a dangerous but exciting way to change the channel


Teacher: you can be anything you want
Me: Beyonce
Her: well, not that
(we stare at each other blankly for 17 min…)
Me: Hi I’m Beyonce


Telling a child to wipe his hands on the napkin 8 inches in front of him instead of his shirt is a great way to get rid of excess breath.


I’ve heard that there are people that can keep every room of their house clean at the same time

At my house the rooms have to take turns being clean, kind of like the kids


GRANDPA: I built 3 of my own houses by myself

ME: I held in a yawn last night and it made my chest hurt and I was worried I was gonna die


Emotional Fruit:

The Grapes of Wrath
The Apples of Annoyance
The Cantaloupes of Cantankerousness
The Plums of Pique
The Raspberries of Rage
The Bananas of Just Really Happy to See You


If you ever get hit by a car, try to spin like a ballerina. You won’t get another chance like this.


The word “brewery” sounds like a drunk guy slurring a better word