Is it still casual sex if you’re wearing a tuxedo?

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Not saying I deserve a gold medal in parenting, but it’s 4:47 PM and my 4yo just yelled “FINE THEN, I’M GOING TO BED!” So you be the judge.


BABY FROZEN STEAK: mommy is he coming back
MOM STEAK: no honey—get some sleep
[rocky walks into the freezer]
ROCKY: time to punch some meats


The labels on prescription bottles are just suggestions, like speed limits.


*opens paper towels*
me: It’s not food
*opens mail*
me: It’s not food
*opens package of scissors*
me: It’s not f


Be safe this weekend, otherwise your dumb friends will end up telling some local news reporter how you were always the “life of the party.”


*plays Rocky theme song*

*cracks 5 raw eggs into glass and gulps them down*

*vomits on kitchen floor*

*turns off music*

*cleans kitchen*


Host: “You are one question away from our grand prize. How do you feel?”
Me: “With my hands.”
Host: “Correct!”
*crowd goes nuts*


Old people may not know how to use a cell phone, but they sure can drive like they’re on one.