“Is there really a fire? Prove it.” -Mrs. Doubtfire

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I’m wearing a burqa, fencing mask, & a welding helmet while reading a book on cannibalism & an old lady on the bus still wants to chat.


ME: 3 Big Macs please. lol it’s my cheat day
CLERK: you ordered the same thing yesterday
ME:[leans in] why don’t u mind your own gd business


Oh that’s neat so you’re a Cancer? Wait…astrologically or to society?


Century: 100 years.
Decade: 10 years
Lustrum: 5 years.
Together forever and ever and ever: 2 weeks.


Millions stunned and blindsided to learn Tim Allen had been on a network sitcom for like the last six years or something


Parents that need to reheat coffee are adorable.

Hardened parents will chug it cold, or chew straight up coffee grounds; they’re desperate.


Boss: Who’s this? Your girlfriend?
Me: Oh she’s not my girlfriend. Not yet anyway *gives her an affectionate nudge* Actually it’s our first date
Her: I’m having the worst time


WIFE: *spells out words so the kids won’t know what she is saying*
ME: [to the kids] I don’t know either.