It’s a good thing this video game is rated mature because it’s going to be babysitting the kids tonight.

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ME: *dies*
DEATH: Welcome to the afterlife.
ME: How do I get to Heaven?
DEATH: *points* Go up those stairs.
ME: What about Hell?
DEATH: *points* Go down those stairs.
ME: And Limbo?
DEATH: *points* Just duck under that bar.


The best part of being a flight attendant has to be when you walk the aisle saying “trash” to everyone’s face.


[first day in hell]

hostess: welcome to hell. please take a seat

waiter: *pouring wine* your steak will be out shortly, sir

me: wow this isn’t so bad

group of waiters approaching in distance: happpppy bir-


[Riding carousel]

Her: um, we should move on

Me: *drunkenly trying to feed horse sugar packets* hold on, he just needs to get used to me.


Just once…one time; can’t we buy a tree that doesn’t try to attack me when I come home drunk at 2am.


It takes a smoke detector 4 months to stop beeping if you were wondering how lazy I am.


Christmas decorating 101 – Puts fake snow on Halloween decorations

Your move Martha Stewart


I hate when I stand on a scale and it starts to cry and begs me to get off


[In a meeting]

Chad: You look tired this morning, Liz.

Liz: *glares*

Me: *whispers* nobody can help you now, Chad.


Me: Can’t you just hot-wire it?

Apple technician: No ma’am, your phone actually needs the passcode.