It’s extremely difficult to search my tweets when I constantcessantly make up nonsensicalistic words and greatastic werges.

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I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that my therapist isn’t the one who’s supposed to be crying during our sessions.


The puffer fish spends days creating a beautiful boudoir in which to lure a mate and I just want a man who can load the dishwasher properly.


“Why won’t you loan a neighbor a cup of sugar?”

[ sigh ] “You’re a pile of ants wearing a bathrobe.”
[ bathrobe sags dejectedly ]


We were watching The Discovery Channel on the couch.

I was naked.

She was afraid.

I guess I should have probably introduced myself first.


me: this cat is kissing me on the lips because it LOVES me
cat: mother’s lips taste perpetually of bacon


Husband: Can these gel packs go in the microwave?

Me: Absolutely.

*gel pack explodes*

Me: Why would you listen to me? I can’t put my pants on without falling over.


My personal trainer and my marriage counselor have vastly differing opinions on how many “cheat days” I am allowed each month.


me: i wrote you a song, it’s called ‘rudolph the red nose reindeer’
rudolph: it better not be about my nose
rudolph: sing the song keith


[taking atendance]
teacher: jimmy
jimmy: here
teacher: susie
susie: here
teacher: (sighs) omnipresemt sentinel
omnipresent sentinel: ??????


I heard someone say they were happy just to be upright and I thought that was weird because lying down is amazing.