It’s funny how we all sleep differently. I sleep on my side My roommate sleeps on his back. My ex sleeps with everybody. That sort of thing

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My EarPods died 5 minutes into my walk so I’m going home to watch TV. It was a sign. Exercise is stupid.


Me: Leaving early. Taking my kid to an appointment

Boss: No, you’ve played your last kid card

Me: *slides kid card out from sleeve and slams it down on desk*

Boss: Sonofa


I am woman. Watch me take one bite of cake then suddenly look pregnant with triplets ready to go into labor.


Got my daughter a one-dollar gift card to the Dollar Store and told her to get whatever she wants.


Q: What’s worse than finding a horse’s head on your pillow? A: Realising the horse is alive and well and how much did I drink last night?!


Somewhere in my brain is a tiny gland that blinds me to unwashed dishes.


Fun Fact:

Valentine’s Day was created by a woman than didn’t get what she wanted for Christmas.


Me: stop shouting, that’s over an hour from now


If Leonardo da Vinci posted the Mona Lisa on Instagram today, it would get 30 likes, tops.


I experimented a ton in college. I tried naps in the evening, naps in the morning, sometimes even 3 naps in a row.