I’ve banned my kid from his X Box today so he’s gone to a barn on the outskirts of town to dance out his frustrations.

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Asked a Target employee if I could open this camera before I buy it and he said he wouldn’t even care if I killed someone in front of him.


Can’t wait for Daylight Saving Time to end this weekend so the clock in my car will have the correct time.


[2005, youtube’s first pitch meeting]
ok so basicaly its like if america’s funniest home videos was on 24 hrs a day on evrey computer–


COOKING TIP: Quickly slice a block of cheese by throwing it through a harp.



Aries: Stay inside.
Taurus: Stay inside.
Gemini: Stay inside.
Cancer: Stay inside.
Leo: Stay inside.
Virgo: Stay inside.
Libra: Stay inside.
Scorpio: Stay inside.
Sagittarius: Stay inside.
Capricorn: Stay inside.
Aquarius: Stay inside.
Pisces: Stay inside.


Things I’ve mastered:

1) Learning stuff the hard way.
3) Missing the point.
4) Not finishing anything.


Whenever I think I’m having a bad day I think about the time I ran a half marathon and at the starting line all my music mysteriously disappeared and I had to listen to Sugar by Maroon 5 for 13.1 miles