I’ve got 19 yo boys lining up to mow my lawn. Cougar game strong? Nah, I just make a mean lasagna.

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My dog is home alone for the first time today. I wish I knew how he was doing, but he won’t answer my texts.


Sitting here at Starbucks, everyone looking at their phones and only one person’s noticed mine’s a calculator.


My spanish class in high school should have had a bit less

“Where is the bathroom”

and a bit more

“She was dead when we got here”.


[Blind date]
Girl: I’ve always had a bit of a thing for bad boys
Dog: [starts putting on his coat] I don’t think this is gonna work out


MAN: [after being mauled by a bear] oh it’s just a scratch

MAN: [with a cold] omg i can’t breathe i think i’m dying


Mark my words, but use something erasable cause I change my mind a lot.


*Watching a commercial where someone is rock climbing*

*Do not attempt flashes across the screen*

Me: *hasn’t left the couch in 12 hours*



I spend a lot of time contemplating the mysteries of life, like why the wall the natives built to keep Kong out had a Kong-sized door in it.