JUDGE: I hereby sentence you t-
PENGUIN COURT REPORTER: *angrily smashing keyboard with flippers* CAN YOU GUYS SLOW DOWN A BIT

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ME: OMG did I just get a shout-out on the radio?

GETAWAY DRIVER: [turning off police scanner] Kinda


7 years and 170,000 tweets later, all I can say is I’m glad this isn’t a gambling addiction.


How many boxes of Thin Mints do I need to eat before I start seeing results?


To truly understand the impact of the boys being back in town, one must first examine the circumstances that led to the boysโ€™ departure in the first place. In this essay, I will


If your entire outfit can be purchased at a gas station it’s not appropriate for court.


ME: Is it true you can smell diseases?
ME: Well do I have any?
MY DOG: Yes, you’re insane
ME: Wow you can smell that?


Wife text from work on Easter. “Happy Easter” quick reply as joke “I’m going to grind on you so hard” opens text.Was group family text.truth


[On phone to police]
Has there been a report of a pervert in the park?

P: No, there hasn’t.

Me: oh good.
[Goes back to hiding in bushes]