just a good, friendly, light-hearted conversation that for some reason charmin initiated with me

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Remember don’t judge, you never know what another person is going through

Unless they’re constantly oversharing on Facebook, then go ahead


[First day at the fortune cookie factory]
Me: Boss, I got this order for 10k cookies boxed and ready to go.
Boss: That’s Incredible, it’s normally a week long job!
Me: Yeah, I worked real hard because you left me all these inspirational little notes.
[My Last day at the factory]


Chemists do tell jokes, but there’s no reaction because all their people skills Argon.

Omg, that’s Sodium funny, right? Na? Okay.


Cleaning out my handbag. Wondering if nine pens are enough.


me: omg did you just steal that from the kitchenware department? you could’ve got caught!

him: what can I say, I’m a whisk taker


You can tell a lot about my BF by the way he’s giving me the silent treatment. He’s doing it wrong. I’m doing it right but can’t tell him.


My 2yr old tells people that grandma goes to a booty shop. My mom asks that I help her say beauty correctly, but this way is much more fun.


I put my phone in airplane mode and started constantly banging my knees on stuff.


Officer: I am going to need you to take a sobriety test.

Me: (whispers in his ear)
Can we make it science? Sobriety has never been my strongest subject.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot kill, the courage to blow up the things I can, and the wisdom to not get caught.