Just because I’ve forgiven you doesn’t mean I won’t want to throat punch you the next time I see you.

Thought you should know.

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If you’re a woman and hate cargo pants it’s because you are keenly aware of their tactical superiority compared to a purse


My kid talks a lot of shit for someone who bites his finger whenever he eats fries


there there son
*crouches down & wipes his tears*
its ok, dont go crying over spilt mil– YOU GOT IT ON THE XBOX!? no NO. call 911. CALL 911


The noise Rice Krispies make in different languages, according to Wikipedia…


She didn’t believe I was single so I showed her my bathroom with the Metallica poster


Me: *lying nude on checkered blanket*

Him: “Where’s the food and why are you naked?”

Me: “Am I doing it wrong? This is my first picnic.”


Father: I love both my sons equally.

Max: I know that, dad.

Min: I have my doubts.