Karate Kid (1984, PG): An old Asian man tricks a bullied teenager into doing household chores for him.

[126 minutes]

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I’m thinking about starting a car service for dogs called the Scooby D’uber


They call me the Titanic because I once went down on a bunch of Irish peasants


I literally got fired from a job for not knowing what to do with my hands when I talk. I guess sign language interpreting just wasn’t for me


Prosecutor: I object

Me: No, you a person

Judge: On what grounds?

Me: The courthouse grounds

Judge: I’m ordering you-

Me: Hi Ordering You, I’m Dad

Judge: Bailiff, take him out

Me: That’s flattering but I’m married lol


We only have world peace today thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of former beauty queens who didn’t give up on their dreams.


Men ask us if we’re naked when we tell them we’re taking a bath. THAT’S why they pay more for their car insurance.


I’ve been trying to figure out why I overslept today. Just realized drunk me set my calculator for $7.30.


Boss: Any final questions for our applicant?
Sphinx: *eyes blazing like searchlights* Three sons have I and-
Boss: WORK-related questions