Karma: Do you believe in me?
World: No
Karma: How’s 2020 treating you?

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I don’t hate you. Hate is such a strong word. I just want to tickle your brain with this ice pick.


[Eating ribs at BBQ Joint]
“Would you like a Wet-Nap?”
No thanks, I had one this afternoon.


“on your left u see fred in camo, on your right is bertha, she has ridden many miles on that electric cart.” If walmart had tour guides.


Well thank you auto correct for changing “I wish you were here” to “I wish you were her”. I didn’t wanna have sex anyways.


Tomorrow is Jesus’ birthday. I got him an Xbox. Keeping it at my house until I see him.


Man claims world will end Saturday. My producer tried to book him for an interview tomorrow. He said he wasn’t available until next week.


I read that peacocks “are obsessed with food and can become extremely aggressive when you dangle french fries in front of them”.

See you all later. I’m moving in with my new family now.


“FOR SALE: blender, like new. Does NOT make things taste like crayons
ALSO FOR SALE: wax fruit, slightly scratched.”


Newton taught us that a body at rest will remain at rest, a body in motion will remain in motion, and that figs taste good in cookies.