[kid’s party]

Me: Can we leave? These things take forever

Wife: *harsh whisper* Shut your mouth. Watch our daughter open her presents

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So it turns out we were both wrong, but the important thing to remember is you were more wrong.


[police station]
“sir you get one phone call.”
[calls 911]
“hello 911 what’s your emergency?”
yeah a bunch of pricks are holding me hostage.


Wife: Valentine’s day is right around the corner.
Me: No worries, so is Wal-Mart.


Send me a “we need to talk” text and I’m just going to respond with “yeah. We absolutely do.” Now we’re both waiting with spicy armpits.


On Valentine’s evening I usually stay in and watch a romantic movie. You know, like American Psycho.


i’ll never forget what my Grandad said to me just before he kicked the bucket
how far do you think I can kick this bucket?”


Fun Prank: When someone wakes from a coma, have everyone dressed in medieval clothes and welcome them back from “The Sleeping Disease”


A bug zapper, but for people trying to come into my office.


DATING COACH: So you tried flirting?

ME: Sure, I gave her ‘the look’


*I bite my lip seductively*

DATING COACH: Have you considered biting the bottom lip?


I think “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” has given my youngest unrealistic expectations. Today, we talked about putting away the tree, and he said, “No, WE don’t have to. The Grinch is supposed to come to our house and take it away.”