*kids walking

Me: Come on, boys! We have to hurry!

Kids: Okay!

*continue walking at exactly the same pace

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When getting rid of old clothes you have 2 options:

1. Donate to Goodwill
2. Dress every raccoon within a 5-mile radius


Springtime ants in the kitchen. Go get mother her killing flip flop.


Ladies, not every guy who talks to you wants to bang you. Some of us know that you have snacks in your purse.


Stubhub wants a bailout? Tell them we’ll give them 2 million but after fees it will only be $10.


I wish I’d worked to learn another language. Only so I’d be more believable when I use language barriers as an excuse to not talk to people


Darth Vader: Join me on the Dark Side, Luke!
Luke: I’ll never join you!
Vader: We have flex hours and Pizza Fridays!
Luke: NOOOOOO!!!