Ladies, the word for the day is “legs.” Spread the word.

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The weatherman said it’s nice outside. I guess they don’t let him watch the rest of the news.


My rabbits are hot and they aren’t happy about it. I’ve got hot cross buns.

I’ll see myself out.


It’s such poor planning that “ninja” doesn’t have a least one silent letter.


It’s not Christmas until I see Snoopy eating 37 human femurs.


1st Anniversary: Let’s go to Vegas

5th Anniversary: Get a sitter so we can go to dinner

10th Anniversary: Russian roulette sounds like fun


{Stalker Diary}
Went through his trash.
He buys the generic Fruit Loops. I remain committed. I find his frugalness irresistible.


I have no time for stupid people

But they sure do have time for me.


I got my first period during Shrek 2 live in theaters which means I entered Shrek 2 a child & left a woman


Called a restaurant to make a reservation but couldn’t think of the word so asked for a food appointment and now I can never show my face there again


an advice to every dad,if you wanna see your children just turn the router off,they will suddenly appear.btw ur neighbor might come as well.