Ladies winter is coming and they are going to try to lure you in with hoodies and fireplaces. Don’t fall for it.

I mean I’m probably gonna but the rest of you should stay strong.

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HER: i’m leaving u

ME: is it bc i say “ruh roh” in a scooby doo voice when i mess up

HER: yes

ME: (under breath) ruh roh


CIVIL ENGINEER: ok let’s build stuff.

UNCIVIL ENGINEER: *smashes popsicle stick bridge*


If it looks like a duck & swims like a duck & talks like an angry duck policeman, then you about to fail a sobriety test son


Told my kids we can’t have nice things because of them and 11 candidly says, “You’re the ones who decided to have kids,” so now I guess we don’t have nice things or comebacks anymore.


Getting married is easy, staying married when all of your drunken midnight Amazon purchases show up on your husband’s day off is not.


someone is trying to tell me about a time when 50,000 people would get together in one place just to watch a baseball game.

Sounds fake. nice try, I wasn’t born yesterday.


friend: wish you were here!

me, abruptly stopping whatever I’m doing and captaining a speedboat approaching your house: oh really


Good cop: you two could go away for six years each for this
Add cop: for a total of twelve years between you


friend: why did you take up running?

me: *really wants to catch an ostrich* no reason