Let me tell you how you lost this game according to these rules I’ve just made up.
-Kids when you play board games together.

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Nothing much worse than being forced to listen to someone else’s music and not be able to tell them their taste is shit.


[first day as a server]
me: how would u like your steak
person: well done
me: thank you that’s so kind it’s my first day & i’m very nervous


My left ovary feels sore… like it was working out? I guess I’d say it’s
ovary active


*Asks soulmate*
What is your dream car and why?

Minivan, because the sliding door <joining in> MAKES IT EASIER FOR DRIVE-BY BAZOOKA ATTACKS


Today sucked so much it featured a guest verse from Pitbull


*Throws Pizza party
*Gather All the pizza’s
*Kicks everyone out.


check in attendant: are you flying alone?

me: I’ll probably need a pilot


After 17 years I can say with authority that the key to a long marriage is being too lazy to get up off the couch and set your spouse on fire


*goat walks into a bar

*bartender sets down a beer coaster
*goat eats it

goat: Hit me again.