Let’s give a big round of applause to everyone on Facebook who went to the gym today even though they “hate it”!! They are the real heroes.

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Glad the lady in front of me decided at the last second to stop at the yellow light as I prefer to eat my fries from the dashboard.


When I tell people I don’t speak English to get out of a conversation I randomly throw the word hemorrhoid just to bring it home


Taught a parrot to repeatedly say “WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES?” and now I don’t have to talk to my kids until Spring so that’s pretty cool.


Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.


BREAKING: A man who took an airline company to court after losing his luggage has lost his case.


Drumpf’s presidential campaign in reverse: an increasingly laughable story of an egomaniac running for an office he couldn’t possibly win


I don’t get why I’m supposed to like someone who’s different in the streets and in the sheets sounds duplicitous just be a freak everywhere.


8yo: Ghosts real?
Me: No!
4yo: I heard groaning last night
8yo: & a bed squeaking and moaning
4yo: What was that?
Me: ..
Them: ..
Me: Ghosts


My grandpa use to tell us about walking 10 miles to school.

I tell my grandchildren about walking across the room to change channels!