Life is a letter soup that has too many consonants and not enough vowels and all you can spell is borscht

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Everyone else at the table can order a margarita at 10a.m., but I ask for a cup of queso with a straw, and suddenly I’m the one with the problem.


Hey girl, are you bacteria? Because I know I need you but I have no idea why.


So today I was lookin at a girl bcuz she had a piece of lettuce in her hair & she looks at me and said “I have a boyfriend” ok lettuce head


date: i really like your shirt

me: thanks [remembers girls like bad boys] i stole it [remembers girls also like nice guys] from an old man i was helping walk across the street


Doctor: “Are you sexually active?”

Me: “I’m not even physically active”


[Andes’ plane crash survivors diary]
Day 1: Gary’s cheering us up telling jokes
Day 2: Same jokes
Day 4: We all hate Gary
Day 6: We ate Gary


If you’re not going to offer booze at your wedding, at least have the decency to provide a wifi password.


“I have a hard time with faces. One time I mistook a wolf for my dead grandmother LOL!”

– Little Red Riding Hood, talking to a coat rack.