Life Lessons From Cats:

• take more naps

• rules were meant to be broken

• it’s okay to hide when you’re scared

• always demand respect

• if you have an itch, scratch it

• find joy in the simple things

• you can bury your shit but eventually someone’s gonna find it

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Somewhere in a parallel universe, I hope there’s a giant dog with a tiny woman in her purse.


Don’t act like you miss sex now, you weren’t getting laid before either.


Mom: “Why are you always on your phone? What’s so great about the internet?”

Me: It doesn’t constantly ask me questions


sirius black: im innocent

judge: i don’t believe you

sirius: give me truth serum

judge: for some reason no


Kids are eating leftover cotton candy for breakfast, day 4 of summer break.
Let’s see what next week brings, other than Child Services.


Biden: I wanna join the protest.
Obama: Joe, we’ve been over this.
Biden: But they’re–
Obama: How about some ice cream?
Biden: Okay.


wife: our house is on fire! who you gonna call?!


ghostbusters (standing in ashes): u really should’ve called the fire department


Drugs are great until they fall into the wrong hands. I am referring, of course, to the cops or people who don’t enjoy life.


You know that you’re officially lost when you turn down the car radio and take off your sunglasses.