Life would be simpler if you were notified when you were added to lists IRL.
“Your crush” has added you to list “Friend Zone”.

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A mother bear defending her cubs but it’s me defending the fresh pan of bacon from other hotel guests at the breakfast buffet.


applebees is a word that starts off pretty tame but takes a dangerous twist


[last night]
*does dozens of squats to impress a cute guy at the gym*

[this morning]
*takes half an hour to get down a flight of stairs*


not a day goes by that i don’t think about dying and then accidentally getting sent to squirrel heaven


“Don’t kill it!” my friend pleaded for a spider’s life inside. So I carefully trapped it in a cup, brought it outside, then stomped on it.


I reply to “Happy New Year” with “not if I have anything to do with it.”


Although I’m not exactly overjoyed with my single status. I thank God I’m not married to the obviously married guy hitting on me.