Lost in a corn maze? Light it on fire. Turn it into a popcorn maze. Eat your way out.

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Any woman with three or more exes in her city could have told Obama how to avoid Putin in Normandy.


If you see a hot girl walking you should honk your horn to let her know you’re intrested and afraid to talk to girls.


ICYMI: Yesterday, MarineLand Canada sent the police to my house because I tweeted “Life is short. Steal a walrus”. Vid or it didn’t happen? Ok:


do you generate electricity with water through the process of hydropower because dam


Kissing: first base
Under shirt stuff: second base
Under pants stuff: third base
Taking two to make a thing go right: Rob Bass


[at wedding]

Pastor: If anyone opposes, speak now or forever hold your peace

Me (raises hand)

Pastor: It’s your wedding

Me (lowers hand)


Seeing the leaves change in autumn always reminds me of my Grandpa. He died falling out of a tree too.


*googles how to cook something*

Food Blog: Well, we’re gonna get there but first let me tell you about my trip to Sicily when I was 17, a boy named Valentino and how I discovered the joy of GRAINS.


I don’t drink. This means when I do karaoke, it’s on purpose.